Champion Contractors of Texas

Brent:  YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Your crews are great to work with!  THANK YOU for all that you are doing with us, and putting up with silly old me.  Looking forward to the finished product.


We’ll certainly recommend you and Champion to our neighbors, friends, and relatives.


Sincerely,   E Lewand

Let me commend you and your team for the bathroom renovation recently completed in my home.  My wife and I are getting on in years and found it difficult to use the downstairs bathtub as installed in the house in the early 80’s.


In our first meeting, I described my desire to replace the tub with a shower stall that allowed someone to sit and use a hand-held shower or, by switching a diverter valve, to stand and use a wall-mounted showerhead.  I also wanted a very short step-over to enter the shower and pony walls and a wall mounted handhold for support.  The project was somewhat complicated by a window being on the head end of the tub.  I also decided to replace the asphalt tile in the bathroom with ceramic tile at the same time.


I appreciated the promptness and completeness of the estimate which detailed all the costs and allowances for materials that I could choose and recommended a supply house for the tile.  I had no trouble choosing what I wanted for each o the surfaces.


The work was done as scheduled including removal of the tub and existing tile, and installation of the pony walls and preparation work in the shower.  I showed the team where I wanted the two shower valves and made an adjustment to the length of the wall-mounted support.  The installation of the shower and floor tile was completed as scheduled including sealing all the tile grout. 


The final cost was what was bid and the project was completed exactly as I envisioned.  I didn’t think to take any “before” photos, but have taken some “after” photos.


Please feel free to use my name and letter as a satisfied customer of Champion Contractors of Texas and the photos as examples of your work.


Sincerely,  DJ McCracken

As you are my contractor of choice, I will make sure to always pass you name on as a referral and I will contact you as soon as I am ready to move forward in 2009.  Thank you for such excellent work ethics and customer service with the best communication skills I have had the pleasure of experiencing.


L Valentze

Short Version: Hire Champion.  We had Brent do our Kitchen remodel and we were happy in every step of the process, from our initial meeting, to the quote, to the final product.  For our bathroom remodel we are not going to bother getting quotes from anyone else, just Champion Contractors.

Longer Version:  We have a 1950’s Ranch style home whose kitchen was badly in need of updating.  We talked to and got quotes from a number of contractors for our remodel, with some very wide variations.  As we were taking the kitchen down to the studs and (possibly) taking out a wall there were many variables to consider.  Brent came highly recommended but we were cautious as a coworker of mine had gone through “contractor hell” and had related all his horror stories to me.  From the very first meeting, Brent was professional and we just talked about what we wanted to do, no hard sell, and he was able to offer different options and different ways of thinking about what we wanted.  He then was able to turn our vague ideas into the most detailed quote of any contractor we talked to.  His quote listed everything item by item and this gave us far greater comfort as to what we were getting than on any of the other quotes we received.  Once we agreed and his crew got started, they were all as professional as he was.  As our kitchen was torn down and rebuilt in place, we were able to tweak little things along the way as well as take suggestions for some subtle changes that really improved the end result.  Did everything go right? Of course not, In a project that size there will always be things that you look at and thing “That does not look right to me”.  However every one of those issues was solved with a conversation.  Most were as easy as “Brent this does not look right to us, does it look right to you?” and he would agree and change it.  No hidden cost, no additional fees.  In fact in the end our cost was LESS than originally quoted.  Try and find another contractor that shows you his final cost and bills you less than you thought.  Overall the work was all done in a very timely fashion, the only time it slowed down is when we would drag our feet on picking a tile or paint color.  In the end I described my experience with Champion to the coworker who had gone through “contractor hell” and he just looked surprised and said “that’s not normally the way it works, you were lucky.”  I don’t think so.  We picked an honest contractor who takes pride in his (and his crews) work and wants happy customers, I don’t thing luck had anything to do with it.


Terry Keenan

Thanks so much to you and your crew for the great work you did on our home


R Aiyer

We are very happy with the work you did.  Your people did quality work and the finished product looks really nice


R and M Patterson

A little over a year ago, I purchased a pre-owned home, which, I came to realize over time, needed more work that I ever anticipated.  I hired various companies to do repairs as the budget allowed, and was greatly disappointed by almost all of them.  I then called Champion Contractors of Texas because of a wet smell in one of the bedrooms.  Brent Mikeska, the owner of Champion Contractors, came out almost immediately and did a thorough inspection.  When no damage was found that required repairs, he had the integrity to tell me so, instead of inventing some problem that he could charge me for.  I was impressed.  I later hired Champion Contractors of Texas to replace several deteriorating exterior doors and one poorly placed interior door.  Proper measurements were taken and the correct supplies were obtained, eliminating unnecessary delays once work began.  The work was completed on time and it was a quality job.  Mr. Mikeska stayed in contact throughout the project.  He is a very personable young man, friendly yet professional, (and patient, I might add) and I felt comfortable leaving them unattended in my home while I was at work.  There are not a lot of companies you can say that about.  The price I was charged was very reasonable for the work done.  In addition, removal of the old doors revealed some hidden flaws in the flooring and Mr. Mikeska bought the materials to correct the flaws without passing the charge on to me.  Even though he said his cost for the extra materials was minimal, in this day and age, it’s almost unheard of for anyone to do something like that for you.  Outstanding! There were no hidden costs; the final invoice was the same as the estimate. 


Overall, I was extremely satisfied with Brent Mikeska and with Champion Contractors of Texas.  I would not hesitate to hire them again on any other home remodeling/repair projects.


S Swango

Brent, now that our project has come to an end, I wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the work that you have done.  It is not often that you get a contemplated project done complete with quality work, timely responses to changes, friendly and cooperative people and a finished product that exceeds our expectation.  We thank you for all you did for our home and us.  Your work ethic, integrity and superior attitude separates you from any other contractor I have dealt with.  I hope we get the chance to recommend you many times over as a way of thanking you for our remodeled home.  Merry Christmas to you and your family.


R and G Nixon

Champion Contractors completed a bathroom renovation for us last summer (2007).  The bathroom turned out beautifully and Brent and his crew did an outstanding job.  The crew was very professional and cleaned up any debris at the end of each day.  They always showed up when they were scheduled to and Brent came by at least once a day to check on the project.  Brent and his crew were very knowledgeable, polite, honest and had excellent recommendations for the bathroom renovation.  We will be calling Champion Contractors with future remodeling projects and highly recommend them to neighbors and friends. 


P and J Cassidy

We have been very pleased with the quality of work for all of our various remodeling jobs Champion’s has done.  We have been impressed with the accurate of quotes, timeliness of communications, being fully informed of issues and options, and follow up to ensure the work was to our satisfaction.  We was both started and completed within the time frames given to us.  Several of our jobs involved obtaining custom materials which Champion’s was very resourceful in obtaining at a reasonable price. 



Paint three bedrooms, closets and install fans

Move electrical from overhead to underground

Exterior house painting and wood replacement

Wood privacy fence replacement and installation


We always felt that Champion’s was respectful of our home environment and took care to ensure our security and comfort. 


We would (and do!) recommend Champion Contractors to friends and family.  We would be willing to be a reference if that would be beneficial.



A and S Ryan


Brent, Anita and I take this opportunity to profusely thank you for a splendid job of replacing our dilapidated siding with new wood and paint and supplanting the existing vent pipes in our roof with more robust lead vents.  We appreciate the time you had taken initially to lucidly explicate to us why we had water damage in our ceiling at exactly 4 places and that, that it could be attributed to the existing faulty vent pipes.  To be brutally candid with you, a couple of other roof appraisers apprised us that we had to replace the roof without even taking the time to assess the whole situation.  The very fact that you took the time to assess the roof and the damage and then render your informed opinion instilled confidence in us about your opinion, ability and work.


Your guys arrived punctually and did a fantastic job of keeping us apprises as to what was going on and periodically checked with us.  As promised, the entire job of replacing the vent pipes and the defunct siding and dry walling and painting the 4 damaged portions of the ceiling was completed as planned and scheduled.  We do not see any more problem wet spots on the ceiling thanks to the diligent effort of your guys. 


Thank you Brent for a job very nicely done and Anita and I already have you in mind when we decide to replace our roof in the not too distant future.



Ranji & Anita


Brent, you came on a weekend and your guys did great work and if I need a contractor in the future, I’d like to be able to consider you again. 

Thanks again Brent.  I really appreciate the work that’s been done.  If you’re ever in the area again, drop off a business card or mail one…I have a lot of colleagues and friends looking for a good contractor.





This letter is being sent in appreciation of the remodeling job you performed for us during the spring of 2006.  A brief description of the job was to add approximately 750 square feet to an existing 1,450 square foot house, which was built in 1954.  This addition included a great room and office, which was tied into the existing slab, wired separately from the existing house, as well as adding a second air conditioning/heating system.


You and your sub-contractors were able to make this a very comfortable process for us, by taking care of the paperwork required by the city, and leaving the main house in tact until the addition was completely shut in and secure.  The workers of Champion Contractors of Texas were honest, courteous and kept the area clean during the entire progress of the job.  The workmanship was well above the standard in the industry and you were willing to adjust a few minor changes we requested along the way.  The job was done within the specified time and within the budget set forth.  Your ability to oversee the job in a professional manner, from start to finish, is a credit to you.


We were completely satisfied with the work you did and we are now enjoying the additional living space. 


Thank you so much for your efforts and we will be glad to pass your name to anyone we know in need of your services.



B and C Davidson


In the last three years, my wife and I have completed two remodeling projects in our prior home, one remodeling project in our current home and one major home repair in the current home.  We can state unequivocally that Brent Mikeska and Champion Contractors are the most professional, thorough, responsive, and fair outfit with which we’ve worked.  The quality and timeliness of the work was exceptional and the peace of mind resulting from being able to trust our contractor made a huge difference to us.  My wife and I live in a fifty year old home with unique mid-century details and Brent was able to perform the work we desired to update the house while preserving the integrity of the design that attracted us to the house in the first place.  We would not hesitate to recommend Champion Contractors and we’ve already informed Brent that he will be performing all future work on our home.

 J & M Arnold



I first became acquainted with Champion Contractors because of an emergency situation caused when a broken pipe caused a bathroom flooding and also some bedroom damage.  I called them and their response was immediate although this occurred during a holiday weekend.


Brent Mikeska responded and took immediate action to dry out rugs in the bedrooms, and fix the pipe problem and followed up with the job in two days to repair other damage.


I can not say enough good things about Brent Mikeska and Champion Contractors of Texas.  Their work was excellent, and their response time was also excellent (better than expected) and their follow-up was superb. 


I can heartily recommend them for any work you may be considering.  They are honest, do the work as promised and have excellent follow up.



T.J. Randolph



Champion Contractors replaced gutters and rotten wood, also painted replaced wood.  The workman was very nice. Everyone with your company was very thoughtful to my great aunt.  The job looks wonderful and was completed in a timely manner.  We didn’t even know they were here.  They did a great job.  We are very satisfied.


D Mayo & D Paschal

Recently we had occasion to use Champion Contractors of Texas to replace our outdoor columns and refurbish our upper deck and window.  I just want to say that it was a pleasure and a tremendous relief to have such a professional company do this work for us.


Unfortunately my experience in the past with some other contractors had not gone well, with people either not showing up at all, or when they did, with poor quality work or unfinished work.  What a difference with your company!  Not only did you come out right away to give us a quote, but all the work was done on time as promised, was of exceptional quality with an attention to detail, and was thoroughly cleaned up.  I feel Champion Contractors is one of the most professional and honest companies I have dealt with in having work done at my home. 


I have already recommended Champion Contractors to a business acquaintance in need of some work and fully intend to call on you for all our future repair and remodeling needs.


I would be happy to have any potential clients of yours contact me for a recommendation.



G Durbin


I would like to thank you for the recent installation of our attic fan.  We have noticed a big difference already in our air conditioning bills.  The service you provided was most excellent.  You returned our call immediately and came out to our house for an estimate the very next day.  You were able to do the work within a few days and were very prompt and your work was done very professionally.


I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is looking for this kind of service.



K Hodenfield


To whom it may concern:  I am pleased to tell you about Brent Mikeska.  He has done work in my home several times and, being a senior citizen, I have found he is considerate of our age, respectful, and his work has been perfect, cleans up after each job and it is a pleasure for me to recommend him 


You will not be sorry to have him do a job for you--


Thank you Brent. 


J Goldberg


I want to thank you and your crew for the excellent work you performed in repairing our glass block shower.  The shower had been originally installed (by a different contractor) in a faulty manner, and it was gradually coming apart.  I appreciate your taking on the lowest-cost (to us) option of cleaning and replacing the existing glass blocks, although it would have been more profitable to you and easier to have simply torn down the shower and installed new blocks.


Another rare occurrence in the contractor world was that you visited the site daily, usually twice a day, ensuring that the work was done properly and to our satisfaction.  The job was done rather quickly and painlessly, and we are now enjoying our structurally-sound shower.


Thanks again,

M & D Kampf


Just a small note to you about the work your company did for me.


First of all, I was very impressed with you at our first meeting.  You knew the problem that had evolved over the years to my house and explained how you would fix it.  You said it would take a couple of days and your crew would be available in about a week and that you will be back with an estimate the following day. 


Your estimate was very professional and complete.  We went over the figures and they seemed very reasonable to me.  You explained that all that was missing was the sales tax and that would be added after you actually bought all the materials.  So I agreed to have you start the job. 


Your crew did a super job on the reconstruction repair’s that were required.  They worked hard and steady all day.  The following day it rained.  They came back after the rain and started to finish up and paint.  I was surprised at the amount of effort they made in doing the little things right.


In all it took two and a half days to complete the job and it looked really good.  You and your crew did a fine job and should be proud of your work and, I will not hesitate to call you again for more fine work.


It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Yours Truly,

L Dobson


This letter is to let you know how pleased we are with our “new home” that Champion Contractors of Texas was able to provide us with just in time for the holidays.  Champion Contractors recent remodeling of our home included complete plumbing replacement, installation of hardwood floors, and updating the master bathroom, magically transformed our old house into a contemporary home.


This major renovation started and was completed, as promised, in a timely manner and with as little disruption in our everyday life as could be expected.  All of the workers were considerate during the remodeling process and cleaned up after their portion of the work was complete.  Many of them worked long hours and into the early evenings to complete their portion of the work required of them.  More importantly, the quality and craftsmanship is evident in the beauty of the work that we are now enjoying.


It is obvious that Champion Contractors takes pride in their work.  The keen oversight and professionalism provided by you during each phase of the project helped to alleviate any concerns or problems, some of which that would not be obvious to an untrained eye, prior to them becoming issues. We would certainly recommend Champion Contractors of Texas to our friends and family for any of their remodeling needs.



P Pastor


I just wanted  to say “THANK YOU” for doing an outstanding job repairing the wall in my bathroom.


As you recall, the job consisted of repairing a corner of a wall that became ‘rotted’ due to a leaking pipe behind the wall.  You identified the leak, repaired it, and then did a great job patching, sanding, and painting the wall.  When you finished, it looked just like new.


Your attention to detail is phenomenal.  You took the necessary time to complete the job in a professional manner.  I would highly recommend you to others and I would definitely use your services again.


Thank you very much.  You should be proud of your workmanship, skills, and professionalism. 



E. Charles


Champion Contractors accepted the task of restoring my architecturally renown mid-century modern house (previously called “in dreadful condition” by one local expert” early in 2005 and did an overall excellent job of bringing our post and beam home to its former glory.  Brent and his sub-contractors seemed to rise to every challenge that was brought to them, and believe me, there were quite a few!


The main issues with my house were:

1.  Framing damage

2.  Bathroom Tile and Plumbing

3.  Siding Replacement

4.  Glass Framing and Sliding Glass Door Replacement

5.  Paint and General Cosmetic Repair

6.  Attention to the style of the period (1955)


The project began with the most important issue, which was the water/termite damage to the framing and structure of several rooms of the house.  Brent and his team found where the damage began and ended and replaced lots of framing, including tying in beams and replacing studs to the entire master bedroom and bathroom as well as welding and repairing 2 of the steel posts in the front of the house.  He also identified the problem in the brick which was letting water into the bedroom and fixed it.


Another big issue was the bathrooms.  We bought new mosaic tile and had the old tile ripped out.  Brent’s tile guy did an amazing job on the tile including both bathroom floors, vanities, bathtub and a completely tiled in shower.  The team paid special attention to keep the original vanities and build-in cabinets intact as staying original to the house wherever possible was very important to me.  Brent took note of my height and made a suggestion that the shower could be a little taller than it was before, and that has made the shower much roomier.  Before tiling the bathrooms, Brent suggested that it would be good judgment to replace the 50 year old piping on that side of the house since we were replacing the tile.  I appreciate his foresight because I wouldn’t have thought to do that.   Now I am reasonably sure that our expensive mosaic tile will be safe.


Siding replacement was a huge issue.  When we bought the house, we were handed a mystery.  There was vinyl siding on the house and we couldn’t tear it off before buying the house.  Right after we bought the house, I started tearing the vinyl off, and luckily the wood underneath was surprisingly nearly completely unharmed!  Despite great effort, Brent was unable to find an exact match to the original redwood, but he went above and beyond the call of duty by finding a nearly exact match.  Visitors to my house cannot tell which siding is original and which is the new siding unless I point it out to them.  I am very proud of the wood on my house.


The house has 2 very large glass panels in the entry.  Each measures over 9 X 7 feet and rises from the floor to the ceiling.  Over the years the glass panels had slipped slightly into their frames.  Vines had even grown through the framing and into the entry.  Brent and his team were able to remove the glass and clean the framing and put the glass back in its proper place.  Everyone who saw the glass before and after is amazed at how well this part of the project came out.  Another amazing part of the project was the replacement of a giant sliding glass door unit.  At one time (to save money) the previous owner had the custom unit replaced with a smaller non-custom unit.  Brent found a sub-contractor who could “build to size” a new custom unit.  Even I was amazed at what a difference the original sized unit made on the room.  It’s unbelievable! 


The paint and cosmetic (sheetrock, etc.) issues of the house were vast and included the entire house, inside and out.  Brent’s wife, Linda, was particularly helpful in helping us choose paint colors and carpet as well.  Her reassurance gave us confidence in our choices, and the results are beautiful.  Other cosmetic issues included changing wood paneling and staining it correctly, as well as cleaning and re-cleaning a 50 year old saltillo tile floor.


Finally, I think I should make special note of the care and attention given to helping the house keep its original feel.  I would venture to guess that over the years, most houses are gutted in favor of a more 21st century look.  I expressed my concern that we keep our house in the 50’s.  Brent took my concerns in stride and coped with the project’s limitations brilliantly.  Some would call this house unusual, and that would be just scratching the surface.  Indeed, it is unusual, but we think it is very special and we truly appreciate the care that Champion Contractors gave the house.


I’ve written nearly a page and a half and I didn’t even mention that I never felt like Brent was going with anything but the lowest possible price for the best possible value.  That may be the most impressive aspect of the whole restoration.  That, and the speed with which the project was accomplished, 10 weeks from start to finish.  Other contractors I interviewed expected the project to last 4 months or more.


I hope that this letter helps potential customers realize that they are in good hands with Champion Contractors.  It was my pleasure to write it.  If you are a potential customer and have any further questions, feel free to drop by and see the house for yourself.


J Smith

10920 Willowisp Dr.

Houston, TX  77035


 We are writing to express our complete satisfaction with the work you performed on our home.  Our problems began with occasional droplets of water running down our guest bathroom mirror.  When we asked you to find the source of our mysterious water on the bathroom mirror, we were very pleased that your thorough search of the attic turned up a hot water leak.  Because of your persistence, you discovered the worn plumbing joint that was releasing the water.  By replacing the plumbing, you helped us avert major water damage to our walls and ceiling.


Our second major problem was a hole that developed between the side of the house and the roof.  It had been improperly repaired by our previous contractor and, as a result, squirrels had taken up residence in our attic.  We were surprised and happy with the innovative metal bracket you designed to cover the hole without causing any further damage to the siding.  With your help, our attic is now a squirrel-free zone.


Finally, we appreciated that you worked with us to address a number of other problems that we were having around the house.  Although we forgot to ask you to include them in the initial quote, we were pleased that you made the time to replace our leaking and corroded shower fixtures when you returned to complete the work in the attic.  We are also relieved that you helped up properly hang a heavy antique mirror in our living room.


We feel that you delivered an extremely high quality work at a tremendous value.  We were always comfortable when you came to our home, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the level of service you provided!  Particularly with regard to the hole on the side of the house, your work exceeded our expectations.  We have every confidence that Champion Contractors will be the first company we call if we need any future work done in our home.


Our warm regards,

J and G  Bobys



I recently had the opportunity to work with Champion Contractors as they remodeled my office.    They were very timely with the project and always displayed a professional attitude.  They had the added burden on this project of having to work around a number of different schedules in the office and did so very well.  In addition, during the times they were unable to work, since this is a buddy doctor’s office, the area they were working in had to be clean and functional at all times.


 I was able to feel comfortable giving Mr. Mikeska a key to my establishment without hesitation.  After this experience, I would definitely use Champion Contractors again - for any size project.



S Croft, D.C.




“Great bath remodel job - will gladly refer”


Agent - Mr. B Stavinoha


Sue and I (and Matthew) are very pleased with the work you and Linda did.  We purchased a townhouse in Boston and the owner of the unit has similar tastes to Linda and it is decorated very nicely.  She painted it with colors Linda would approve of, except Matthew’s room is a burgundy color, which we need to do something with.  Also, the kitchen is Sage and we thought of Linda. 


Hope you both are well,

M and S Sacks

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